Canadian Journal of Cardiology
Erratum| Volume 30, ISSUE 7, P834, July 2014


        In the article, “Hypertension in Developing Countries” by Tibazarwa and Damasceno, published in the May issue (Can J Cardiol 2014;30:527-33), there is an error on page 530. In the second paragraph, the fourth sentence should read as follows:
        In many parts of the poorer world, even if a sphygmomanometer was available, the measurement of blood pressure is not routinely done during primary health care consultations.

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        • Hypertension in Developing Countries
          Canadian Journal of CardiologyVol. 30Issue 5
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            The past 2 decades have seen a considerable global increase in cardiovascular disease, with hypertension remaining by far the most common. More than one-third of adults in Africa are hypertensive; as in the urban populations of most developing countries. Being a condition that occurs with relatively few symptoms, hypertension remains underdetected in many countries; especially in developing countries where routine screening at any point of health care is grossly underutilized. Because hypertension is directly related to cardiovascular disease, this has led to hypertension being the leading cause of adverse cardiovascular outcomes, as a result of patients living, often unknowingly, with uncontrolled hypertension for prolonged periods of time.
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